Our Big Game Season: February  – October 31st


Our two main target species are  Big Tuna and Big Blue Marlin.

Other species we may catch are Spearfish, White Marlin, Makos and Wahoo.

Big Tuna : February to May

We have extended our Tuna season to include february as we are starting to catch fish as early as mid January. If you wish to try your luck in February we have a no fish no pay policy!!

You will only pay for the fuel if you don’t hook into a fish on your trip!! An unbeatable offer !!

Blue Marlin: May to end of October

Other tunas Including WORLD RECORD SIZE BIG EYES start to arrive in April and are here until the end of October

Fishing techniques

Up your game by getting into the game, dont just stand and watch !!!

Become a real fisherman and fish with Team Bocinegro !! Read on for how and why…..

The guys at Team Bocinegro take fish conservation seriously.  For any fishery to be sustainable we need to not only release fish, but make sure that when we do, they are in great condition to breed and fight another day. A tired, browned out fish may never recover and by releasing it in poor condition or injured will often mean it simply ends up as shark food.

Marlin On The Line

More than 6 years ago we come to the conclusion that lure fishing was just plain old “Draggin’ ’n’ Snaggin’” and wasn’t delivering  based on its low hook up to catch ratio and risk of foul hooking. Since then we have been using bait and switch techniques with circle hooks for Marlin and when we fish for Tuna we also use circle hooks.  No other charter boat in the Canaries does this.

By using circle hooks we have increased catch rate to ~90% once we have hooked the fish! It is also far more ethical and less damaging to the fish as in most cases the hook sets in the scissor of the jaw, which facilitates easy release and prevents foul hooking.  This also has the benefit of being able to match the tackle to the fish, unlike lure fishing. If we raise a small fish, we can pitch a small rod if we raise a big fish, a big rod. – A White Marlin on a 130lb isn’t a fun as a light spinning rod!  We can control the multiple hook ups and make sure you get your fish!

In addition to the ethical benefits – Bait and switch is the most exciting technique for Marlin!  If you are unfamiliar with it what we do is, we tease the Marlin right up to the back of the boat and then pitch a dead bait to it. Watching the dark looming shape of a Blue Marlin following and slashing at bait only a few meters behind the back of a boat makes an incredible sight to see even before you catch your fish!!

Bluefin Tuna

Once we hook our fish our skilled crew get you on it quickly so we have all the action by the boat.  The skill of the Captain and intelligent use of drag means the fish is more likely to stay on the surface for dramatic, shorter fights which results in fish being released in great condition.  You won’t see any pictures of tired and brown marlin laying on its side or belly up by our boat or fish with a foul hook etc!!!

We also catch our Tuna with circle hooks only! A great hook up to catch ratio which also allows us to release the fish in perfect condition if needed.  When fishing Big Tuna this is especially important as they are such powerful fish  – no one wants to see a fish swimming away with a lure still attached.

Raise, pitch and see the fish your trying to catch – all with the confidence that our experienced and professional crew to guide you through it. If you want to experience this unique style – we are the only charter boat in the Canaries to do it!


Fishing hours

We normally depart each day from the marina of San Sebastian at 9.30am and head out to our fishing grounds, 5 mins from the harbour! We return to the dock at 5.30pm, 8 hrs later.

Food and drink

All food and drink is included in the price. (Sandwiches, fruit and water etc.)

Please let us know if you have any food allergies.

What to Wear

Shorts and t-shirts are perfect for our climate here in the canaries. We would like you to wear a shirt if sitting on the sofa inside the boat and please bring the correct footwear, i.e. Non-marking sandals, shoes or trainers/sneakers. It can get very hot in the cockpit of the boat, so please be careful and protect yourself from sunburn, e.g. Wear a cap, glasses and sunscreen!! Please only apply sun cream outside of the boat, not inside!

Releasing the Fish

We release all Billfish, clients may tag or not tag, it’s their choice. But the fish will be released.


Tipping 10% on board game fishing boats is considered the minimum.