La Gomera Island

La Gomera is one of the smaller of the Canary Islands, situated 20 miles south west of Tenerife. The island has no international airport so has been relatively untouched by tourism thus keeping its local charm and beauty. The island however is easily accessible via various ferry services throughout the day from Los Cristianos on the south coast of Tenerife. (Find out How To Get Here)

Los Roques Viewpoint

La Gomera is a round and high island with beaches and coves on its coast line and covered in trees and rain forest in its higher regions which offers some great walking experiences for those who like to get away from it all and enjoy its natural beauty. Its height also gives us fisherman an added bonus…The lee. The Canary Islands are blown by a north easterly wind called the TRADE WIND which blows fairly constant during the summer months and because La Gomera is high, where we fish in the south, it is completely protected and flat calm. Due to the volcanic nature of the island we are also fishing close to shore due to the quick drop off. This means that there are no long runs to the fishing grounds giving us longer time actually fishing, starting just outside the marina!

Black Sand Beaches

La Gomera offers good local food and drink. There are several great little restaurants all in the capital where the marina and accommodation are. Food and drink is very cheap as well, an added bonus ! There are various shops and supermarkets all in within 10 mins walk from the boat. There is absolutely no worry about safety and security. Most Gomerans don’t even lock their front door but leave it ajar on a latch! And cars which are badly parked will often be left with the keys in the ignition so people can move them if need be!


Unlike some other marlin fishing destinations La Gomera is totally safe and secure, no risk to our anglers whatsoever either night or day. There is also a very good hospital and various doctors and dentists etc. All in San Sebastian. Great peace of mind. The people of la gomera are also very friendly and hospitable. In general La Gomera is a beautiful island with some spectacular Marlin and Tuna fishing and at only 4 hours from central Europe, makes it a real must for any keen angler who can be rest assured that he and his family will be safe while enjoying a great holiday!

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